Praiscort S Lotion


The most trusted and dependable mid potency steroid for decades now with 3% salicylic acid as Praiscort-s lotion

Praiscort-s lotion is the steroid with 3% salicylic acid in lotion base10


  • Triamcinolone Acetonide I.P 0.1%
  • Salicylic Acid 3%
  • In non aqueous lotion base



Since Praiscort-s lotion is a mid potency steroid with 3% salicylic Acid. Highly recommended for all steroid responsive eczema or dermatitis where kertolytic action required (breaking of keratin)
Praiscort-s lotion has world class base make best delivery of drug there by best results hence Praiscort-s lotion offers best patients compliance
Praiscort-s lotion is the one of the best mid potent steroid with 3% salicylic acid available to treat skin problems
Dermatitis in seborrheic area and large area application
Safe for long term applications in children and delicate area of adults
Scalp psoriasis, palms and feet psoriasis

Once daily over the affected area or recommended by physician