Praiscort E Ointment

praiscort-e ointment

praiscort-e ointment

The most trusted and dependable mid potency steroid for decades now as Praiscort E ointment

  • Triamcinolone Acetonide I.P 0.05%
  • Lanolin petroleum base Q.S
  • Preservatives
  • Metyl paraben I.P 0.16%
  • Propyl Paraben I.P 0.04%


Since Praiscort ointment is a mid potency steroid highly recommended for all steroid responsive eczema or dermatitis
Face and delicate area of adults
Maintaince phases of all the treatment of dermatoses & eczema.
Praiscort ointment has world class base make best delivery of drug there by best results hence Praiscort ointment offers best patients compliance
Praiscort ointment is the one of the best mid potent steroid available to treat skin problems
Winter dermatitis
In winter dermatitis constant miner itch associated dryness is common
To manage these mild steroid with emollient gives best result
To attain the desirable result
(Praiscort ointment single or more 20gms tube is diluted with E.OINTMENT 40g
Give s one of the best results in winter dermatitis)
Now praiscort ointment and e ointment is already mixed together for ready to use that is PRAISCORT E OINTMENT

In dry feet or dorsal part of feet praiscort e ointment gives best results


Once daily over the affected area or recommended by physician